Jesus Church
Bishop Gary Reckart

Bishop Reckart is a pioneer in the Apostolic Messianic identity of the New Testament Church. He is a Pastor and Missionary. He is a conference speaker. He is founder and chancelor of the Apostolic Theological Bible College. His extensive studies of history together with research into the Early Church and the development of Catholicism provides him an opportunity to write to the present day Apostolic people. His research and studies offer a new perspective on several important doctrinal issues facing the Church today. His studies have been translated into several languages. The message he brings to the present hour is unconventional. He does not fit the mold of organizational control or silence. He is unashamed to say that Truth is absolute and there are no variations that are acceptable to God. In fact he teaches that God has exalted his Word above his name. This is how important Bishop Reckart values doctrine. His stand in this hour is unparalled among any Jesus Name group. According to Bishop Reckart, God has shown him there will be coming out of his people from organizations. The current backsliding will demand they leave and seek Churches where holiness is still the rule of faith and separation from the world a way of life. Those who do not come out and take a stand will be part of the great falling away. They will be lost!

If you desire to associate with the Jesus Church, Light To The Nations, and the International JMFI missions body, please fill out the questionnaire and email the information and your answers to Bishop Reckart.

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